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    Royal Enfield 700 cc V-Twin - The Musket

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

                                    an with the exhuasts as it looks currently

    As on the article on "Doers" on Kneeslider
    I like doers, I have a lot of respect for anyone who puts in the time and effort to create something and then puts it out there for the world to see, especially since there are so many talkers and critics. Talk is cheap and criticism is free so there tends to be a lot of it. Talkers outnumber doers about 1000 to 1, or more, it’s why I have to work so hard to find the doers, they’re spread a little thin but finding them is worth the time and effort.

    Aniket Vardhan is a doer. An enthusiast who had an idea and through years of sheer dedication, patience and hard work put it into practice. Bringing us the 700 cc V-Twin Enfield "The Musket". The name keeping it in line with the Bullet theme. Some excerpts from it I'm going to post here..
    in the heat of 115 degree Delhi summers, over cigarettes, the smell of steaming cow dung and chats with biking buddies in the college cafeteria. I would build a V twin Enfield- it should feel right, with its long stroke, heavy flywheel, beautiful cylinder and head. Looked for any and every book I could find on vintage motorcycles, V twins, engine design, metal casting, machining- all of it. Bought an old enfield engine to use as reference.
    I ended up quitting my teaching job last year, was getting the feeling that my heart was in projects like this. Since I wasn’t a machinist, I had to learn that too.

    I learned everything as I went along and here we are. I have skipped all the “oh darn!” moments but there weren’t too many, just one huge one, when the first foundry I went to pretty much destroyed my patterns built over 3 years by leaving them near an open window in the rain…

    In case you're wondering, hte Norton V Twin and the Carberry Engine are both mentioned

    The full story can be found here @ the Kneeslider. Kick ass site as always.

    Kudo's Mr Aniket Vardhan. Job well done and executed. If you plan to make kits let us mortal know.

                                          VIDEOS :

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    1. joel16 Said,

      ohhh very nice.. how did u get this engine man .? ..anyway keep it up

      Posted on 1:47:00 AM

    2. winsomniac Said,

      Very nice work indeed. I wish R-E would make a big 750cc vertical twin as they once did.

      Posted on 1:48:00 AM

    3. Unknown Said,

      i wana buy the Royal Enfield V-Twin – The Musket how much is it

      Posted on 11:19:00 AM

    4. john Said,

      @ kaushal you should contact aniket Vardhan !!

      Posted on 11:50:00 AM

    5. amit Said,

      This bike is a real beast. Hatts of to the owner for having so much patience making it

      Posted on 7:54:00 AM

    6. shabeer Said,

      Awesome modification. For his next modification he can use two 500cc bullet engines and make a 1000cc V twin. Just imagine the sound of that one!

      Posted on 2:12:00 PM

    7. deepesh Said,

      this kneeslider 's bike s tooo good ! he keeps on adding new features to his bike" have seen all the videos uploaded by him on youtube"
      its high time that we guyz should also devlop these type of tech advancements"
      its an eye feast for all bulleters" hats off buddy

      Posted on 2:13:00 PM

    8. Unknown Said,

      How we can purchase it

      Posted on 9:28:00 AM


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