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    Royal Enfield Bullet-The Indian Cult ?

    Royal Enfield Bullet-The Indian Cult ? Find out !!

    Thump lovers rejoice, Chennai based Royal Enfield has launched an all new Electra with Twin Spark Unit Construction Engine (UCE). The engine has been borrowed from its sibling Thunderbird Twinspark. With a slew of launches in the past few months along with announcements of expansion plans, Royal Enfield has cleared the air that they want to take it headon.

    Similar to Thunderbird, Electra with two spark plugs produces 19.8 horses and a mammoth torque of 28Nm. Clearly, these are good signs that traditional bike makers like Royal Enfield are also concentrating on revolutionizing their bikes with better and latest technology.

    Engine, Transmission & Performance

    The new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark is powered with a 346cc engine that generates a maximum power of 19.8 bhp at 5250 rpm and a torque of 28 Nm at 4000 rpm. The Electra Twinspark uses a BS29 / UCAL carburetor. The motorcycle company claims that the Electra Twinspark is capable of hitting a top speed of 120 kmph. Now engine is made from aluminum alloy, and weight of the motorcycle is only 180kg. Unfortunately, exhaust sound is not so powerful as its predecessor – the standard Bullet thanks to new glass wool filled silencer by royal enfield, which not only reduces noises and heat transmission, but also complies with Euro 3 reduced emission norms. But hey if you badly need more thump, you can always choose several after market options for exhaust system. Compression ratio on the Bullet Electra Twinspark is 8.5:1

    The UCE facilitates smoother operation, power delivery and cleaner emissions too according to the company. The bike has gas-filled shock absorbers that enable smooth riding over potholes and speed breakers. The bike can touch a top-speed of 120kmph and will give you a mileage of around 30-40 kmpl. But the mileage might vary depending on the condition of the bike and how you actually ride it. Well, RE bikers are very well aware of the fact that the Bullets aren’t for mileage.

    Coming to transmission part, the bike comes laoded with a Constant Mesh 5-speed. Upshifting/downshifting feels nice and smooth, and the power range  spreads out very evenly. With much shorter gear ratio it feels a bit like a Japanese sports bike. Here comes the problem- Locating neutral is still a problem with this bike but according to a royal enfield mechanic there is nothing to worry and the problem will vanish automatically once the bike completes 1500-2000 kms on odo.

    Available color options -
    There are two variants of the new Royal Enfield Electra Twinspark- the kick-start model (Electra Twinspark KS) and the auto or the electric-start (Electra Twinspark ES) version. And, the bike will be available in vibrant colors of Black, silver and red.
    Mileage / Fuel economy -

    As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the new electra with uce engine scores over old electra with cast iron engine. Royal Enfield Bullet bullet electra twinspark 350cc is supposed to give 40-45 kmpl of fuel economy. though official figures is somewhere around 51 kmpl (ARAI) but we got around 38 kmpl in city conditions and whopping 43 on our highway ride !!

    Pricing -

    There are two different Electra TwinSpark models available – kickstart (KS) and electric start (ES). The bikes are available in three colors- red, silver and black.  The Bike offered by Royal Enfield was a gorgeous Black with Chrome tints  as you see. Ex-showroom prices of Delhi are Rs. 94,500 for KS and Rs. 98,500 for ES version accordingly. Ex-showroom prices of Chennai for the KS and ES versions are Rs. 89,846 and Rs. 93,846 respectively.

    Brakes & Suspension -

    now you don't have to anticipate your braking since the all new electra comes with hydraulic 280mm front disc set-up which are way better than the old drum brake. The Front suspension is hydraulically damped telescopic forks, stroke = 130mm. The rear suspension is swing arm with adjustable gas shock absorbers, stroke = 80mm. Suspension is good and provides comfortable ride until you need to ride on the rough terrain, then it becomes a little rough. But on the usual roads there are no problems with it though. Overall braking power on Electra TwinSpark is more than sufficient, and suspension is reliable and mild.

    Dimensions -

    The overall length, height and width of Royal Enfield Bullet electra are 2140, 1120 and 810mm respectively. The wheelbase(1370mm), saddle height (800mm) and ground clearance (140mm) are same in both the machines. The curb weight of electra twinspark is 180 kg for kick start version and it is 183 kg for electric start.

    Features and Benefits:

    •Aluminum alloy Lean-Burn engine
    •Five-speed transmission with modified gearing
    •Higher speeds, better handling
    •Gas-filled shocks
    •Capacity for higher speeds, better handling
    •Environmentally friendly with lower emissions and increased fuel economy

    Summing it up:

    No other bike can have as huge or lasting an impact on your life as the Bullet. The Bullet can transform your outlook towards life, no less! One stands taller, shoulders feel broader, chest swells up and arms feel infinitely stronger. You feel invincible, like nothing or no one can lay a finger on you. (This invariably causes most problems but while the feeling lasts, it's great). While riding her, your hectic cutthroat schedule somehow seems to lighten up. As you use her, you develop a telepathic bond with the bike, she becomes a part of your system like no other bike can ever hope to. The riding pleasure that the Bullet offers is unmatched bar none. Sure when you get to a stretch of bad tarmac, your backbones are in for a little rearrangement but out on the open road, a couple of 100km from your destination, the throb of the 350cc lump between your legs, the fantastic exhaust note making merry music at a steady 90kmph... that's what touring is all about. That's what the Bullet is all about.


    EngineSingle Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, SI engine, air cooled, Twinspark
    Displacement346 cc
    Bore x Stroke70mm x 90mm
    Maximum Power19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
    Maximum Torque28 nm @ 4000 rpm
    TransmissionConstant Mesh 5 speed
    IgnitionDigital TCI
    CarburetorBS29 / UCAL
    Ground Clearance140 mm
    Width810 mm
    Wheel Base1370 mm
    Length2140 mm
    Height1120 mm
    Seat Height/ Saddle Height800 mm
    Front3.25 x 19"
    Rear3.25 x 19"
    Electrical System12v - DC for ES / 12v - AC/DC for KS
    Head lamp12v, 35/35w
    Battery12v - 14AH MF for ES, 12v - 5AH for KS
    Tail Lamp12v, 5w
    FrontHydraulic 280mm Disc
    RearFoot operated 153 mm single lead internal expanding
    Maximum Speed
    Speed120 kmph
    FrontTelescopic, hydraulic damping, stroke 130 mm
    RearSwing arm with gas shock absorbers, Stroke 80 mm
    Fuel Tank Capacity13.5 ltr (min)
    Compression Ratio8.5 : 1
    Engine Oil Grade / Qty15w, 50 API, SL Grade jaso ma
    Weight(Kerb)KS: 180 kg, ES: 183 kg

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    1. rohit Said,

      It is very comfortable for a long drive. i am very happy with this vehicle.

      Posted on 8:04:00 AM

    2. vivek Said,

      It is sad to know about the demise of the legendry bullet with left side braking system

      all diehard fans of enfeild bullet will definetly remember the bullet.

      Posted on 5:16:00 PM

    3. Anonymous Said,

      its gives imense pleasure while riding this bike,definately a class apart.

      Posted on 11:02:00 PM

    4. Unknown Said,

      i bought 350cc electra and i am not happy since the day i have bought the bike i think i made the worst decision

      Posted on 4:28:00 AM

    5. daksh Said,

      @rohan wht happened dude? explain a bit..

      Posted on 12:25:00 PM

    6. Anonymous Said,

      Great post. Thanks for sharing:)
      Correction: "This gives the fuel-injected Electra the classic Bullet look..."

      Electra Twinspark is NOT Fuel-Injected. Only RE Classic 350 & 500 are FI.

      [ http://iluvriding.blogspot.com ]

      Posted on 11:38:00 AM

    7. admin Said,

      @sid thanks for correction ..by the way classic 350 doesn't have efi !!

      Posted on 10:16:00 PM

    8. Hi Friends,

      My name is Raman and i am a working professional.
      I read a number of mixed reviews regarding this bike and was confused at one point of time. Not only reviews, but most of the people i took suggestion from also had some mixed kind of views regarding the bike.

      I was thinking to buy this bike for the last couple of years, even before the electra uce was launched. but every time i plan to buy the bike someone changed my mind and my program was delayed.

      I even testdrove the bike and even i feel that there a re a number of limitations in the bike, like the kind of vibration it has is annoying.
      Also i noticed one thing which i did not see in any of teh reviews. The black colour of the bike fades very soon (may be in a year or 2).

      If you want to buy a RE, never ask for suggestion. You will always get the answer as overprice, maintainance, oil leakage, gear shift problem etc etc…
      So now i believe that if you want to own a RE, you have to have a passion for that. i agree it is a big investment for a bike, but trust me it is a asset for life.

      Finally i am going to book the bike today. I hope it will fulfill my expectations.


      Posted on 7:51:00 AM

    9. hitesh Said,

      Is there heavy crank of 500 for Standard 350 UCE model. Ganesh from Kerala write at cartreadindia and Dealer guy also told me. & what is Constant mesh 5 speed Gear box (specified only to Standard Model) Vinil, it will help us to finalise model.

      Posted on 10:07:00 AM

    10. manish Said,

      If you like any bull from heart, go for it, b’coz bulls are of different from rest of the bikis !

      I have also booked by Electra UCE n waiting for it..

      Posted on 6:32:00 PM

    11. melwin Said,

      why buy a twin spark when you can build one from your cast iron take look have fun share ur comments http://hydro-carbons.blogspot.com/2011/10/royal-enfield-cast-iron-twin-spark.html

      Posted on 8:04:00 PM

    12. kshitij Said,

      i am using this bike for past two years i have almost croosed 25 kilometers in two years its very nice in terms of riding milege looks only thing yu have to keeep in mind that this bike needs extra care in terms of servicing oil change yu have to be very particular in servicing for beeter performance yu have to take care of airfileter is clean or not oil should be regular change in 3000 kilometers oil filters and chain setting carboreter cleaning . if yu keep these things in mind it will never give yu problem

      Posted on 4:25:00 PM

    13. Anonymous Said,

      this is definitely not a bike......
      the feeling is so diffrent to ride this bull.

      Posted on 12:57:00 PM

    14. satyajit Said,

      The thud..the iron pounding and the bold statement that electra gives is un parallel ...the other bikes look like tincans in front of this bull...

      I am planning to book this bike soon...loved the review ...well explained and very passonate...The CULT bullet is definately not for the faint hearted...

      Posted on 6:10:00 PM

    15. Hubird Tham Said,

      @satyajit go ahead dude !! I'm sure you'll love this machine more than your girlfriend :)

      Posted on 5:31:00 PM

    16. bablu Said,

      thats gr8 r
      i have also planed to bye this byk from last 6 month but i m confused subject of engine ferformance oil leackeg vibration and maintanance of byk compresion to old unit construction engine.
      Resntly i have taken a test drive of electra 5s. I obsurved
      more vibration less weigth more pickup and easy handle compare to old model.
      So pls if you have got the bike pls give me advioce and a clear review abut vibration and perfomance. Mainly engine maintanance

      Posted on 5:48:00 PM

    17. L naidu Said,

      @bablu RE electra rather all enfields have a tendency to vibrate. But no worries it'll go off with the passage of time.

      Posted on 5:23:00 PM

    18. Anonymous Said,

      The only drawback is the EFI which backfires sometimes and stalls.

      Posted on 2:20:00 PM


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