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    Royal Enfield Bullet-The Indian Cult ? Find out !!

    Every day he is surrounded by scores of America's most famous motorbikes. But when it comes to getting to work at Harley-Davidson in Leeds, Gary Moore prefers something a little more patriotic.

    The 53-year-old likes nothing more than firing up his classic Royal Enfield 350 Bullet, fastening his helmet and pulling down his goggles before setting off from his Pudsey home.

    At first his colleagues scoffed at his choice of transport.

    But soon the British-designed classic drew admiring glances – even from
    customers as they arrived on their own Harleys.

    Gary, who works on the parts and accessories desk, said: "They all had a bit of a chuckle when I first turned up to work on it.

    "They're pretty slow compared to modern bikes, but that's part of their appeal.

    "WIth a bit of reasonable tuning you can make them useable in traffic.

    "I've managed to see 80mph on a downward stretch but you're wringing it's neck at that speed.

    "It's more comfortable cruising at 50.

    "And because they're so simple they are very easy to repair."
    Gary's two-wheeler love affair began when he was 16.

    He said: "Starting off I was actually a Mod and rode Lambrettas. I had four. Unfortunately I didn't keep hold of them because they're worth a bomb now.

    "I had a little bit of a break after that, then when I was about 25 I fancied another two-wheeler.

    "I thought I was too old for a Lambretta so I got a motorbike, a Suzuki 250, from Eddie's Motorcyles in Kirkstall.

    "Then I got a Kawasaki 440, which I've still got, before getting interested in Harleys, ending up with a Fatboy which I've also still got. I take my wife Sharon out on that. "

    When his dad Dennis suffered a stroke in 2003, Gary spent more time in Leeds, giving up his old job to work at the now closed Eddie's.

    There is a slight twist in the tale as the Royal Enfield isn't quite as British as it might seem.

    Gary's – he has two – were actually built in 1992 and 2002 in India.
    He said: "The rights to manufacture the original were sold to a company in India where they're still made to this day in Chennai.

    "I go on holiday to India which is where I fell in love with them.
    "They're the bikes the Indians aspire to getting in the same way
    Harleys are over here.

    "One of our customers Stuart, who had cancer, wanted a Harley before he died.

    "When I went round to see him he was on about selling his Bullet and I mentioned that I wouldn't mind buying it.

    "I see it as a nice tribute to him as the bike gets used day in, day out."

    By Charles Heslett

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