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    The passion for Royal Enfield Bullet is ages old for most of us, infact the immortal and immaculate “Thump” of Royal Enfield makes it a dream bike of another world, which has not been tamed as well as replicated by anyone in the world yet, except the Royal Enfield it self. But as the change is the nature of life, the Royal Enfield has also changed with time (but still not to the extent of as other motorcycles), Introduction of AVL lean burning engines is one of such huge changes ever brought in Royal Enfield’s history.

    With the addition of new all aluminum lean burning AVL engines to the Royal Enfield brigade the question raised- which engine is better between the good old cast iron and the all-new AVL engine? Here we are trying to figure out the solution of this much obvious question.

    Advantages of AVL engine:

    • Quicker & Faster
    • Less maintenance required
    • less engine oil consumption
    • Less Fuel consumption hence better mileage
    • Rear brake paddle on the conventional right hand side
    • Made from all aluminum allows better heat dissipation
    • Less heating of the engine
    • Increased durability

    Disadvantages of AVL engine:

    • Developed by Diesel engine expert company
    • Aesthetically poor looking
    • Traditionally NOT A BULLET
    • lacks the classic thump

     Advantages of Cast iron engine:

    • Classic thump
    • A real Bullet
    • Distinguishing left side rear brake paddle
    • cheaper spares
    • Cast iron engine can be repaired any where across the country

    Disadvantages of Cast iron engine:

    • Starting is a nightmare if battery gets discharged
    • Pickup is not as good as of AVL
    • More fuel & oil consumed,
    • Poorer mileage
    • Relatively requires high maintenance
    AVL engines have geared oil pump, which are more durable and less prone to malfunction, this oil pump has a capacity to pump the oil 40% more efficiently then the conventional Plunger pump of Cast iron engine. The plunger pump also works well in classic cast iron engines if engine oil of proper/recommended grade is used on regular intervals.
    The AVL engines have oil seals on the Valve Guides of the engine, which ensure the leak proof performance of the engine as compare to the classic Cast iron engines, which have the history of oil leaks.
    The compression ratio of AVL engines is more then Cast iron engines, hence it produces more power, although Royal Enfield claims that both the bikes produces same 18 bhp of power.

    If you are a hardcore bullet fan, I bet you cannot compromise with the sweet Thump of it; therefore an AVL engine is a clear no, no for you. But if you are tired of the million kicks, riding with headlight off to save the battery and unpredictable maintenance issues than the AVL engine is a good choice for you.

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    1. Anonymous Said,

      no matter its AVL or CAST IRON ENGINES.... the magic of bullet will continue!!!!! AVINASH SAINI.

      Posted on 10:02:00 AM

    2. Unknown Said,

      @ i agree with avinash charm of bullet will continue !!

      Posted on 9:27:00 PM

    3. Anonymous Said,

      The AVL engine thump can be brought back by fitting a Goldstar silencer.

      Posted on 5:29:00 PM

    4. Anonymous Said,

      I purchased one of these classic bikes last year with 200 miles on it. It now has 600 and in january the pushrods malfunctioned and broke.

      Posted on 12:14:00 AM

    5. Dinesh Said,

      @Anonymous Their quality is going down day by day !! I wonder what the Q.A engineers doing???

      Posted on 1:30:00 PM

    6. Unknown Said,

      Fuck these new bullets bro .. they are not part of the bullet family i feel ..cast iron is the whole point of bullet...its not real if its not cast iron \m/

      Posted on 9:01:00 PM

    7. Anonymous Said,

      came across your site via google search. Its quite informative. Good job mate, keep the thump ! Cheers !

      Posted on 1:08:00 AM

    8. Sanjay Said,

      The all new so called "BULLET" is no more than 350 cc Pulsar

      Posted on 12:02:00 AM

    9. Sanjay Said,

      The all new so called "BULLET" is no more than 350 cc Pulsar

      Posted on 12:03:00 AM

    10. Anonymous Said,

      I will say that AVL engine also had its own charm because the person who look for then avl is better then casterin engine ]

      Posted on 11:29:00 AM


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