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    TOUR OF NH 17

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    Romance the Rain:

    Take a scenic tour winding around the legendary NH 17, often dubbed as the West Coast Road having inspired a couple of bollywood blockbusters on the lines of "Bombay to Goa".

    While the main theme is on riding through places around the Legendary Mumbai Goa Highway, the highlight is to romance the western monsoons, walking through clouds at one moment and strolling on the vast beaches watching the waves create magic the next moment, gorging on strawberries one moment while sipping on a hot coffee the other. Each and every moment of this ride is one which will certainly give you your moments of discovery where the sheer bliss of riding to remote places and riding in enchanting weather on your Royal Enfield will make it seem like an experience of a lifetime.

    Riding in the rains has always been a romantic, lively and exciting experience for many and Royal Enfield would provides service and medical back up to provide confidence not just to the first time participants but also to their friends and family. The Tour of NH 17 has expert and experienced pilots to guide the group in various areas of bike riding and coping with the weather and terrain.

    14th Aug 2010MondayRegistration and Scrutiny
    15th Aug 2010SundayMumbai - Alibaug/Murud
    16th Aug 2010MondayMurud - Bhor Ghat - Shirwal - Panchgani
    17th Aug 2010TuesdayPanchgani - Mahabaleshwar - Poladpur Ghat - Hedavi/Ratnagiri
    18th Aug 2010WednesdayHedavi/Ratnagiri - Hathkumbe - kankavli - Amboli Ghats
    19th Aug 2010ThursdayAmboli Ghats - Nandangad - Londa - Yellapur - Gokarna
    20th Aug 2010FridayGokarna - Cancona

    Monsoon Sickness

    Riding in the wet is often considered as one of the main reasons for flu and common cold during this season. Please ensure that you dry yourself completely after reaching the destination. A Hot Water bath will definitely help in rejuvenating the body at the end of day.

    Take ample fluids even if you may not feel thirsty because unknown to us we may still be losing water even while riding in the rains.

    Always remain calm and composed. Keep your actions, movements and exertion under check. Eat, even if you don’t feel like it. You body needs its daily nutrition dosage.

    Drink Pure water, don’t count cold drinks and alcohol as water. In fact if you are having cold drinks, coffee, alcohol or medicines for some small sickness, drink more water to compensate for the same.

    Listen to your body, don’t push it: In case of any discomfort contact the pilot or the doctor immediately. You don't get any macho points for suffering in silence.

    There is no guarantee that an extremely fit person will not suffer from common monsoon ailments and sickness, but we cannot escape the fact that increased levels of fitness will help you recover faster and achieve more out of this trip. If fitness is not a regular feature of your life it’s time to start working at it now as you prepare the bike, do the paperwork and get all your gear into place for the Rainy Ride of a lifetime.

    Start gradually and keep a tempo to ensure that you are not overly fatigued near the start of the trip. In fact you might decide to reduce your tempo gradually to allow your body to recover as you come closer to the Himalayan Odyssey dates. Any training programme that builds up your strength and stamina should be beneficial and it is your call how to balance the two requirements. Strong forearms, shoulders, triceps, lower back, and legs are a definite advantage to a rider, but along with strength he also needs the stamina and lasting ability to sustain the steam over long distances.


    Tour Route

    Although the tour is concentrated around the Mumbai Goa Karwar Highway, the NH 17, the route will also include roads around the NH 17 covering some of the most interesting coastal roads, village roads and the scenic Bhor and Amboli Ghat roads. It would also touch some parts of the NH 4 for a while but shall primarily be focussed on and around the NH 17, taking an offshoot for a scenic deteour and then joining back on the Highway a while later. The tentative route plan is listed in the Itinerary section with dates for each sector.


    This trip is for riders and owners of a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Pillion riders are allowed.  Make sure you have ample understanding and co-ordination between yourself and the pillion rider as it is crucial during the ride. A pillion will always find it being more difficult than being a rider, so be extra careful about the comfort and safety of the pillion rider.


    We at Royal Enfield consider all riders equal and we would like to see that riders from all parts of the country are included in this trip. Therefore confirmation of registrations will purely be based on first come first serve basis. All registrations will be treated as individual.

    Participation in the Tour Of NH 17 will be subject to subject to physical fitness test, riding gear & motorcycle scrutiny as mentioned in Eligibility Criteria. Please read through Eligibility Criteria and all other Pre Event pages before registering.

    The registration form will be considered complete only if we receive:

    1. Completed Registration Form. It will be available for download from date of opening registrations.
    2. Demand draft of INR 9500 /- drawn in the name of "Eicher Motors Ltd." payable at Chennai
    3. Copy of Your Driving License
    4. Copy of Vehicle Registration, Tax & Insurance Certificate valid for the duration of the trip
    5. Copy of Medical Insurance Policy of self and/or Pillion rider valid for the duration of the trip
    6. Two Photographs of Self and/or Pillion rider if applicable.

    All forms should be complete and signed. Address will be given in registration form.

    Participation in select sectors

    While we can understand the constraints and desires that prompt people to want to participate in the Tour of NH 17 only for certain select dates, places, we consider everyone on the Tour of NH 17 as part of one single team from start to finish.  Only the following people are exempt from this: press, support staff for their pre ordained duties.


    This is the paramount consideration behind every action that we take towards planning and executing the Tour of NH 17.
    Size of the group

    Due to the conditions and limitations of infrastructure we can create in the terrain the Tour of NH 17 will be travelling through we will be taking a group size of 30 registered riders only.
    Cancellations/ refunds

    There is a lot of advance planning that goes into this trip and based on a participant’s confirmation others might have to be turned down. Therefore we are not in a position to entertain cancellations or give refunds at any stage.
    What is included and not included

    The trip is operated on a twin sharing bed and breakfast basis. After breakfast you are on the road and each participant is expected to take care of his own fuel and lunch. The luggage is carried in a truck and it is each participant’s responsibility to see that their luggage is loaded in the truck within the designated time. We advise riders to carry some basic stuff with them as the truck generally takes much longer than the bikes to reach the destination. Once at the destination the riders are allotted their accommodation.

    Since our stops are in places where local cuisine is available we encourage the participants to try out the local flavour and enjoy the delicacies. Support staff will be able to guide you to the closest hygienic eatery with tasty local food.
    Service support

    Accompanying us will be some service staff to work on the bikes in case something goes wrong but spares will be changed to the riders as and when needed. We will do our best to help with the bike but in these hard conditions each rider is responsible for bringing his bike home. If the bike can’t be fixed it’s the end of the road. Therefore bike preparation is very crucial and the scrutiny will be very strict. We will guide you in both.
    Equipment required

    Remember you are going to use the equipment that you carry so make sure that it’s functional and reliable. Please carry the below mentioned equipment with you when you arrive for scrutiny:

    1. Good quality full face helmet: that also fits right. Loose helmets will not be passed (after wearing your helmet if you move your head up and down rapidly the movement of the helmet should not be independent of your head)

    2. Boots: preferably riding boots or leather ankle boots

    3. Gloves: for cold weather riding

    4. Jacket: preferably riding jacket or leather jacket

    5. Pants: preferably riding pants or knee guards

    6. Spare spectacle: for people who use spectacles

    7. Torch

    8. Toolkit

    9. First aid box

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