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    Royal Enfield Bullet-The Indian Cult ? Find out !!


    If you want to ride a vintage cum latest bike, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 is here for the guys like you as it is a perfect and well-designed blend of vintage and advanced bike. It is to be mentioned here that the design of the bike is borrowed from post world war II era. The engineers of the Royal Enfield visited British National Motorcycle Museum in Coventry to copy the parts of the old legend. The new Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 can be differentiate by front disc brake, number plate and tool box and the rest of the things remained the same multi spoke rim, like front and rear mudguards, single saddle seat, silencer, fuel tank, air filter box and leg guard.

    As far as graphics are concerned, the new bike possesses the same Classic fonts at fuel tank. But yes, classic 500 and 350 sticker are new at air filter box but fuel tank logo. Body colour is painted on fuel tank, front and rear fender, air filter box, utility box and mask. A transparent company's sticker is also pasted at the top of fuel tank.

    For the first time in Royal Enfield history, Royal Enfield's initials are carved at engine. Apart from the initials, Twinspark EFI 500 and Twinspark 350 are also inscribed at the engines. This time headlight is covered by a steel cap over it. The headlight houses a clear halogen bulb for better visibility. A classic number plate is also a vintage sign. The tail side of the bike is also in classic shape with brake light in centre. Bold and heavy turn indicators are fitted at the both end of the machine. 

    The Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 boasts of a traditional analogue instrument panel. The dashboard finds its place at the headlamp casing. There are mainly two dial-pods with ignition key hole. The dashboard is comprised of Speedometer and fuel gauge. The speedometer comes in larger shape at the centre while fuel gauge at right side of the console. The single saddle seat just look like a bicycle seat with open springs that ensure ultimate comfort. Passenger seat can be added to the bike. In the same way, silencer of the bike can be altered when off-road journey. For display purpose, tilt silencer is used while billing is made with flat Classic silencer. That means you need to pay extra money for off-road silencer. Rear mudguard of the tyre is deep drawn again as post war era. Silencer and leggurad also looks classic. 

    As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the younger sibling of Classic bikes scores over the elder. Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc gives, according to local brand showroom of RE, 32-35 kmpl of mileage with electronic fuel injection system while Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc is supposed to give 40-45 kmpl of fuel economy.Low fuel efficiency of Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc is mainly due to higher engine capacity of the bike. On the other hand, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc gives more mileage on account of unit construction engine and lower engine capacity as compared to Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc.
    PICK UP -

    The bikes, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc and Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc, comes loaded with unit construction engine and the mill is designed for better performance and comfort. The pick-up and acceleration are upgraded in the new machines as against the predecessors. The top speed of Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc is 130 kmph whereas top speed of bullet classic 350 is 120 kmph.


    The siblings are available in three attractive body colours. Royal Enfield Bullet Classic  500cc comes in red, black and english green while Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc is available in red, black and silver shades. It means that red and black shades are common whereas sky blue is a standard colour for Classic 500. Silver comes in only Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc. In both the new products, body colour is there on front and rear fender, fuel tank, mask, air filter box and utility box. Engine, silencer, rear fork, rear view mirrors and legguard are in silver shade for both motorcycles.


    The overall length, height and width of Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc are 2130, 1050 and 800mm respectively while Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350's length is 2150, height 1080 and width is 800mm, a little higher dimension it has. The wheelbase(1370mm), saddle height (800mm) and ground clearance (140mm) are same in both the machines. The curb weight of Classic 500 is 187 and it is 182 for Classic 350cc.


    The best answer of comfort bike is Royal Enfield. The Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc and Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350ccare not any exceptions. Riding posture, seating arrangements and other comfort features prove it a best suited bike for riders. The handlebars are fitted at an appropriate distance for the rider to drive the vehicle with ease. So is the fuel tank position. Thigh pads on petrol tank gives enough room and comfort to the rider.

    Now have a look on seating arrangements. The rider seat is a feature borrowed from 1951's Classic in a bicyle style. Springs of the seat is naked and provide ultimate comfort. The pillion seat is not shown in standard model. The passenger seat is fitted with rear garb rail. Footpegs are there for both the riders. Front disc brake and gas filled adjustable fork add to the butter-smooth comfort. Wide wheelbase and zapper tyres, to avoid skidding, are there in Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc.

    However, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350's rear tyre is zapper, front is ordinary one. One more user friendly feature is there in Royal Enfield Classic 500cc: Roll over Sensor. It start working when any accident or skidding. Roll over sensor switches off the fuel supply and ignition thereby saves bike and riders. You can again switch on the sensor after the unexpected. Malfunction indicator lamp informs you about any malfunction in your bike.

    Pricing -

    The Classic 350 is priced at a very (very) competitive pricing of 98k ex showroom in Delhi which would come out to be close to 1.10 lakh on road, whereas for the Classic 500 FI you would have to shed anything around 1.4 lakh on road Delhi (1.24 lakh ex-showroom) which is again slightly lower than what we had anticipated. (the prices mentioned here is not updated)
    TYRES -

    The Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc sports bigger tyres with multi spoke rims. Both the tyres, rear and front, are zapper type that reduce the chances of skidding. The specifications of the front and rear tyres are 90X90-18 and 110X90-18 respectively. Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc boasts of larger tyres than its elder brother. The front tyre is of 3.25-19 and the rear tyre is 110X90-18. Only the rear tyre is a zapper. Wheelbase for the both the machines is same that is 1370mm.


    Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500cc is powered by a refined Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, SI Engine, Air cooled, and Electronic Fuel Injection and Unit Construction Engine (UCE) power mill. The newly developed engine in Italy belts out a peak power of 27.2 bhp at 5250 rpm while it develops more torque that is 41.3 Nm at 4000 rpm. In this new mill, clutch and gearbox have been placed outside and incorporated into the crankcase. Unit Construction Engine ensure less moving parts, transmission and less maintenance problem.

    The Classic 500cc is blessed with electronic fuel injection system that ensures better reliability, excellent cold start ability, lower emission and engine diagnostic capabilities. On the other hand, Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc comes loaded with a refined Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, SI Engine, Air cooled, and twinspark power mill with the displacement of 346cc. The twinspark engine churns a maximum power of 19.8 bhp at 5250 rpm while it generates peak torque of 28Nm at 4000 rpm. The Classic bikes are provided with five speed gearbox with left side gear shift. The gearbox follows 1-N-2-3-4-5 pattern. Both the variants have self and kick start option.


    For active and passive safety, enough tools are there in Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 bikes. Those features allow the rider to control the bike as well. To name a few, front disc brake and gas filled shock absorbers are fitted in the new machines. As the bike is blessed with widest wheelbase, balance while driving and grip on road would be awesome. Under the rider's seat, Roll over Sensor is fitted that works in a case of accident or skidding. The Roll over Sensor will switch off ignition and cut off fuel supply that will prevent the motorcycle from moving suddenly if it is gear.


    Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 bikes are blessed with rear gas filled shock absorbers and telescopic fork at the front. Jerks and jolts will be disappeared with these forks when riding the beast. The rear fork can be adjusted for different kind of routes. The riding experience on the Classic would be a memorable one with advanced disc brake and gas filled fork.


    EngineSingle Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, SI Engine, Aircooled, Twinspark
    Displacement346 CC
    Bore x Stroke70 mm x 90 mm
    Maximum Power19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
    Maximum Torque28 Nm @ 4000 rpm
    Transmission5 Speed (left foot gear shift)
    IgnitionDigital TCI
    CarburetorBS29 / UCAL
    Ground Clearance140 mm
    Width800 mm
    Wheel Base1370 mm
    Length2150 mm
    Height1080 mm
    Front3.25 - 19
    Rear110/90 - 18
    Electrical System12 Volts - DC
    Head lamp60 W / 55 W, HALOGEN
    FrontHydraulic Disc Brake (Disc dia 280mm)
    RearFoot Operated 153 mm Single Lead Internal Expanding
    Maximum Speed
    Speed120 Kmph
    FrontTelescopic, Hydraulic Damping, Stroke 130 mm
    RearSwing Arm With Gas Shock Absorbers, Stroke 80mm

    Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 review / road test

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    1. shanky Said,

      As for as I know only the 500 cc classic comes with EFI. I have registered for a 350 cc bike and waiting for its delivery. Actually, I wanted to go for a 500 cc EFI but if I buy I may not have the joy of riding often keeping the cost of petrol in mind. I would be so happy, if only 350 cc comes with an EFI.

      Posted on 11:48:00 AM

    2. Yohan Said,

      Is it easy to maintain the EFI? I'm considering getting myself one, but I don't think I'd be able to have it maintained at a proper service station since I don't live in India.


      Posted on 3:35:00 PM

    3. phillips Said,

      @yohan dude classic 350 does't have efi system in it !! the only re which has efi equipped is classic 500. so need to worry abt servicing..by the way you are from which country?

      Posted on 11:47:00 AM

    4. mehul Said,

      dear all,
      Enfield is not a bike, its a personality, a head turner. Many buy new bikes but only Enfields attract queries, as I experienced after buying Classic 350 a month back. Yes, you have to take care of it like a buddy. Handle patiently, ride patiently. Maintain constant speeds and try not to vrooooom vrooooom. Its a cult, so followers only will understand.
      Enjoy your ride and drive sensibly.

      Posted on 7:51:00 AM

    5. dilip Said,

      Even i have booked a Classic 350 Black colour(Just because i have a craze for BLACK).

      At the time of booking i spoke to the showroom person who was taking the bookings and happen to know that in 350 Black and Maroon is fast moving & in 500 Sky Blue and Black.

      Silver looks great buddy. You can go for it.

      Posted on 8:16:00 AM

    6. vinil s Said,

      as iam a bullet lover, Royal enfield is my heart, soul, blood and food. i love it like anything. it feels really good to have UCE but enfield without sound and left brakes is of no use. its really very side. Left sided brakes added bette control of bike and immediate responsing during braking compared to other bikes. The real taste is in traditional left brakes , high sound bike. my worry is i should buy a new classic USE bike or go for an old byke to have real tast of ride.

      Posted on 10:05:00 AM

    7. hemant Said,

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      Posted on 10:06:00 AM

    8. hemant Said,

      Hey guys,

      I have experienced both the engines and believe me nothing like the old CI engine.

      Truly speaking, due to the pollution norms, the company was forced to shut the old CI engine and come with UCE. Otherwise RE would have never ever stopped CI.

      Simple logic:

      A engine ruling the bike world since 1948 is definitely a proof of master engineering. A engine is replaced when something better comes. That is the reason why other companies models come and go, but RE’s CI engine was never replaced. It is only the norms which forced RE to switch.

      I agree that new UCE engine has certain advantages over the CI engine, but these you can also find in other bikes. In this sense other plastic bikes are better than new RE bikes.

      This is just what I feel and have experienced. Everyone is powered with thier own brains. Recommend you to ride both the engines (for at least 100 KMs) and come to conclusion.

      Posted on 8:06:00 AM

    9. Unknown Said,

      i have just been a proud owner of REC 350, TRUST ME , its like walking on the water driving this beautifull devil.but one negative point, it wont cross 120 km/hr.comfort is something RE has really worked on. the pick up is sure enough to defeat its all rivals in the market present.

      Posted on 2:27:00 AM

    10. george p Said,

      @niteesh thanks for sharing your opinion dude!! keep thumping..

      Posted on 8:51:00 AM

    11. Unknown Said,

      Guys just sharing my experience
      I was not found of RE bikes (sorry bull), i had a different perception for these bikes. But it happened last year only when i got a chance to ride my friends TB. Really a head turner it was an experience of my life time though a short ride... This was a point which changed my perception towards these bulls.

      I got a 2nd hand electra awesome bike it was a 2007 model but was owner for only 2 months as the guy who sold the bike decided to take back the bike because he was missing it :)

      I got to say it was a real bull thump was excellent. You feel very manly while riding RE bikes sorry bull... a head turner King of the road. Mileage i never thought of checking but was heavy on my pockets but total paisa wasool. Really missing it

      I have booked a TB. Waiting time is 6 months. Very eagerly waiting to be the owner of my new bull.

      Posted on 5:19:00 PM

    12. sheron Said,

      @manorangan ha ha one more bitten by bullet bug!!

      Posted on 8:08:00 AM

    13. Praveen Said,

      Guys please help me out... I'm confused which one to get thunderbird twinspark or classic 350... Please give me ur valuable suggestions. Thanks.

      Posted on 11:08:00 AM

    14. raveen Said,

      @praveen go for any model u like coz both hv same twinspark engine..

      Posted on 5:00:00 PM

    15. johnny Said,

      Hi friend yesterday only i had a testride of bullet EFI 350 at the showroom, guys you wont belive it, that was true power, as compared to previous bullet 350, the look & feel was awsome and the thump was just out of this world.. i wonder what it's going to be once i change the silencer..with the new trumphet one which comes with extra 1900 bucks, also this new machine is going to give a better average as compared the conventional cast iron engine, and requires less mantenance... only once per 6000 Kms, this machine is simply amazing, the only problem is to wait for the delivery..

      Posted on 10:27:00 PM

    16. Anonymous Said,

      Bought my black classic 350 from Ambattur RE in Chennai. Came to 1.14 on road after a wait of 2 months. After the first service, it gives me exactly 54kmpl consistently, that too in Chennai roads. Riding is simply a pleasure on roads, but definitely not a bike for city roads due to its weight and bulk, or for short trips, say 5km. Used to ride a yamaha before but that was another kind of fun! With Bullet, none honks at me, fellow bikes and even cars(!) make way, people dont overtake in close proximity! and I always get an enquiry how much??(for price) and how much??(for milage). Suspension is first class, pick up is amazing, absolutely no maintenance, no glitches, no fatigue. Due to its perception, I feel more responsible now on the roads.

      Posted on 10:22:00 AM

    17. Anonymous Said,

      hey thumpers i want to book a classic 350 but confused between tbts and the classic. i won't go for frequent long drives most of my riding will be in the city of hyderabad. i need your suggestions plz help me out. what is the present onroad price for tbts and classic 350..?

      Posted on 9:38:00 PM

    18. shaman Said,

      hey both tbts and classic 350 have same uce engine... so go for the bike that you like visually !!!

      Posted on 4:42:00 PM

    19. Anonymous Said,


      Posted on 12:25:00 AM

    20. sumit Said,

      all have same uce engine ... go for the one u like it.. in terms of looks.. hope this helps you!!

      Posted on 9:32:00 PM

    21. Anonymous Said,

      I would like to know the performance and top speed of classic 350. actually i had heared that classic 350 shivers like hell after 350 and its performance goes down instantly after 3 months, is it true or fake.????? I will be very thankful to you if you please to reply me, actually I had already booked classic 350?

      Posted on 6:38:00 PM

    22. I would like to know the performance and top speed of classic 350. actually i had heared that classic 350 shivers like hell after 80 and its performance goes down instantly after 3 months, is it true or fake.????? I will be very thankful to you if you please to reply me, actually I had already booked classic 350?

      Posted on 6:54:00 PM

    23. naman Said,

      @Paramjit Singh classic has a top speed of 120 (gps reading) best speed to ride at is 90 - 100, and about performance goes down instantly after 3 months is absolutely false... go ahead and treat yourself with bullet !!!

      Posted on 9:34:00 PM

    24. sandeep Said,

      hey all, u can now increase the thump sound of ur bullets. For that u have to get ur engine’s thumping sound stopper removed { its kind of Jaali inside every bullet’s engine}. There r around 4 to 5 stoppers inside every bullet. As many jaalis remove out of ur bullet, louder the thump sound wil come. And after getting those jaali removed go for a big mouth silencer… This will increase the thump sound in any bullet..

      Posted on 6:35:00 PM

    25. hammad Said,

      hi everybody,guys i booked RE classic 350 a few days back and then i took a test ride of TBTS ,i must say i was amazed at the riding/comfort of the machine,and now i am totally confused as to which bike i should choose,please help me.
      ps.i ride 35/40 kms daily in the city.

      Posted on 4:15:00 PM

    26. kishore Said,

      @hammad i would say go for thunderbird...it is very comfortable to ride !!

      Posted on 1:31:00 PM

    27. akhil Said,

      @ hammad it depends on taste... if you like cruiser go for thunderbird and if you like 50's vintage styling with modern engine opt for classic 350 !! personally thunderbird is more suitable for longer rides than classic 350 because of its comfy seats and nice handlebars.


      Posted on 1:38:00 PM

    28. shameer Said,

      Hello Guys ,

      I am confused with meroon and black color of classic 350 ....I booked already meroon. valuable comments please


      Posted on 2:04:00 PM

    29. david Said,

      @ shameer go for maroon color coz it looks refreshingly good and it has got metallic paint.

      Posted on 1:33:00 PM

    30. sandeep Said,

      tell me about bullet clasic

      Posted on 10:49:00 PM

    31. mohit Said,

      plz suggest which one is better option: classic 350 or electra 350.. i am residing in jammu and may be planning to go LEH on my bike..

      Posted on 5:57:00 PM

    32. It is awesome since I used both old version as well as new classic. Very comfort and excellent in terms of pick up. Really speaking when you are with Royal Enfield your on the top as well as the personality will speak volumes. No one dare to overtake even four Wheeler you will be given special way and many people envy. It is an asset having true money value. Nothing can beat Enfield.

      Posted on 5:20:00 PM

    33. mohit Said,

      please advice me.. i m confused between bullet electra twinspark and classic 350.

      Posted on 12:00:00 PM

    34. Sridhar Said,

      @Mohit hey, both electra and classic share same twinspark 350cc engine. so go for the bike which looks visually pleasing to you.

      hope that helps you!!

      Posted on 11:59:00 AM

    35. mohit Said,

      in severel reviews i have read that current standard 350 UCE possesses heavier crank than other UCEs.please clarify and suggest if standard UCE has advantage over other UCEs.

      Posted on 11:54:00 AM

    36. mohit Said,

      i hav heard that std 350 has heavier crank than other 350 UCEs.is that true

      Posted on 8:00:00 AM

    37. ranjan Said,

      @ mohit absolutely false !! all 350 uce are same!!

      Posted on 1:28:00 PM

    38. Anonymous Said,

      who's the best classic 350 or electra 350 please ans me what i purshased

      Posted on 8:12:00 PM

    39. Anonymous Said,

      who's the best in classic 350 or electra 350 please some one say me

      Posted on 8:13:00 PM

    40. IronMike Said,

      @Mohit, Std 350 UCE crank is heavier than other 350 REs. The crank weight is 12Kg in Std and its the same crank they use in 500EFI. Other UCE350 REs have crank weight of 12 Kg.

      Heavier crank means more stability and more torque.

      Posted on 8:49:00 AM

    41. Leslie Said,

      @Ironmike AFAIK all 350 cc UCE Royal Enfield share the same engine. By same i mean absolutely same in terms of weight, design, crank etc.

      Posted on 2:54:00 PM

    42. Arsh Said,

      @abhi goswami Hey abhi welcome to enfieldmotorcycles.in !! Both Electra and Classic 350 share same engine which means they are same in terms of performance. As far as looks are concerned, go for Classic 350 if you're single seater guy (of-course u can make it double seater) and love classic looks. On the other hand go for Electra if like authentic macho signature styling. I hope it helps.

      Posted on 3:00:00 PM

    43. Unknown Said,

      I am planing to buy a RE TB 350..But according to many its not very reliable and has its own probe like oil leakage and annoying electric start....So is the UCE TB having the same problem??Should I opt for the more recent classic 350 cause not only its new in the market,it is also more reliable...Someone pls give me advice cause I am terribly confused and cannot get to a definite decision!!!

      Posted on 5:10:00 PM

    44. Ravi Shankar Said,

      @Prasad G Hey, All Royal Enfield with 350cc engines share the same UCE powered engines. So go the model you love the most !! By the way Enfields needs proper care and if you're one of those (no offence) fill it, shut it , ride it types then I guess you should look for something else.

      Posted on 9:34:00 AM

    45. Anonymous Said,

      classic 350 comes with single seat?..if it comes with single seat can we attach rear seat to it later?.. comments welcome.

      Posted on 12:30:00 PM

    46. prasan Said,

      I’m planning to purchase Royal Enfield Classic 350 and what I want to know is if we can change the seat from one seater to two seater..first of all is it comes with single seat?

      Posted on 12:41:00 PM

    47. George Said,

      @PRASAN RE Classic 350 comes loaded with both rider and pillion seat. You can easily remove the rear seat and make it look good old classic bike. Hope this info helps.

      Posted on 12:10:00 PM

    48. Anonymous Said,

      Waiting for Classic 350.. No confusion great combination. Go for "Classic 350"

      Posted on 4:44:00 PM

    49. karan Said,

      i m facing a problem regarding electric start...because when i push the start button,,,it does not start the engine on its first go...some time it works,,,,this is the actual problem i m facing....

      Posted on 12:48:00 AM

    50. RAKESH Said,

      I have booked a CLASSIC 350 in Feb 12. I am expecting it this Feb. The confusion between TBTS & CLASSIC continues to haunt almost everyone who makes a choice to go for RE. In my personal opinion the TBTS design appeared scattered. Although, the bike offers ultimate comfort in long runs compared to CLASSIC, in terms of its looks, the CLASSIC is more macho like. The TBTS miserably resembles the AVENGER like look & fail to make a impression. Although, personally, I am in the favour of CLASSIC 350, the recently upgraded TBTS 350 comes with some sensible design. Hope people having this confusion would be able to select on the basis of their preferences.

      Posted on 2:24:00 PM

    51. Shanu Said,

      @rakesh Go for classic 350 dude!! Even I own one and enjoin every moment... keep thumping!!

      Posted on 1:56:00 PM

    52. RAKESH Said,

      Hey Shanu / Guys,

      There was a minor scratch on the front headlight silver paint. I did not accept the delivery on 27/1/13 & made them get it repainted. Although the dealer co-operated, he did mention that they even bigger scratches are accepted by the customer. I was very clear on what is acceptable & not, hence I did not accept the delivery on 27/1/13

      Finally got the delivery on 30/1/13 after a long wait of 11 1/2 months. The Silver CL 350 monster with its upswept silencer was looking gorgeous. A wonderful feel to drive the beast. Overall a worthwhile wait.
      Hope their service back up is equally co-operative & efficient.

      Posted on 3:18:00 PM

    53. Unknown Said,

      classic 350 bike max speed 80 km, very low qty service people in service center. & vibrate problem main problem

      Posted on 9:12:00 AM

    54. Unknown Said,

      i just booked a classic 350 black. Alas 4-5 months of waiting in delhi...but i guess patience pays. I was slightly confused between electra and classic 350. but after reading the reviews and feedback from the market, i guess a classic 350 is a better choice.

      Posted on 8:13:00 AM

    55. Anonymous Said,

      Sorry bro but that is the case of Bajaj pulsar 180. It shakes n vibrates a lot after crossing he speed of 80+. As for classic I haven't fell it cos I ride 1.

      Posted on 10:38:00 AM

    56. Unknown Said,

      Hi Guys Does It Cost Lot For a Common man .. my monthly income is 10 k .. is it cost more for Petrol and servicing . I Am planing tu buy My Bull 320 :)

      Posted on 4:05:00 PM

    57. Unknown Said,

      Hi Guys i am planing to buy my bull 350 :) . does it will cost me lot in petrol and servicing . as my mnth income is 10 k .

      Posted on 4:08:00 PM

    58. Anonymous Said,

      I have booked for a cl 350 black. But I m a bit worried abt its jerking with belw 50 kmph and abve 80 kmph speeds. Is that a worryin factor?

      Posted on 9:52:00 PM


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