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    Now it is time to crank the engine : 

    start the motorcycle. Let the motorcycle idle for 2 minutes and check for leakages. Engine should also vibrate normally. Switch of engine and engage breaks, Switch on motorcycle electric circuit and observe the following: 
    a. Engine oil lamp on indicator should come on (if any) and then go off after some time on speedo Meter.

    b. When brakes are engaged lamp should glow. On releasing the brake, the same should be extinguished. Start engine. Battery charging should start and battery indication lamp on the speedoMeter should now stop glowing. 
    Check the operation of all the lighting systems:
    Headlights (low and high beams), tail lights, emergency flashers, brake lights. Check left and right turn signals (front and back -- you'll need a helper) proper operation, and switch positions Do the lights work correctly?

    Now it is time to Spin :
    You may have already test driven the motorcycle, but this time be on the lookout for any malfunctions. The dealership still owns the vehicle, so expect the salesperson to accompany you. But request him or her to keep quite as you'll need to concentrate - and listen - as you put the truck through its paces. Be sure to take it on the highway, not just around the block. 
    1. Hop on and sit tight!

    2. Ignition System: Does the motorcycle start properly?

    3. Listen carefully to engine idle. Does it sound okay?

    4. Look at the exhaust pipe. Any abnormal smoke or color? Moisture?

    5. Brakes: Do you like the feel of the brake pedal (even and smooth)? How does the disc / drum break work?

    6. When you put the vehicle into gear, does it sound okay?

    7. Noise Check. Drive over various road conditions and speeds that you know you will be frequenting. Listen for the Buzz Squeaks and Rattles (BSR). Also note NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) -- no loud thuds, or strange shaking between above 60 Kmph allowed.

    8. Watch the gauges. Do they move and register properly? (Gauges include the odometer, speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure)

    9. Check the vehicles acceleration and braking for proper operation.

    10. Check the vehicle's handling: Can it turn a tight U-turn? Does it make any strange noises? 
    Make right and left turns. Does the handle bar respond properly?

    11. Battery not charging glow lamp should not come on.

    12. On a straight stretch of road ride at 60 kmph and motorcycle should keep straight and not pull to left or right. In case if it pulls towards left or right, dealer has to do the wheel balancing and also wheel alignment.

    13. Check operation of horn.
    After the spin 
    1. have a look at the engine. Any new fluid leaks? Check the oil and transmission levels yourself. Take a quick peek under the vehicle and make sure there are no fluids dripping on the pavement.
    2. Is every option you ordered and paid for installed properly in the vehicle? So many options exist that it is impossible to make any kind of accurate listing. What is important is that what you've paid for is there, and that you know how to operate each one.

    3. Service Department: Have you met the service manager and taken a tour of the service area? Have they explained the specifics of the dealership's service policy and hours of operation? (Some dealers are by appointment only, some are first- come first-served. Most treat buyers from their dealership better than other walk-in customers. So keep that license plate holder with the dealer's name printed on it.) Has the service manager reviewed the basics of the service plan for your vehicle with you? Does the dealership have a free check up? What period of operation does it cover?

    4. Does your vehicle have a 24-hour roadside assistance program? What does it entail?

    5. Did you buy a special service plan? What is covered?

    6. Do you have a business card for each of the dealership personnel you've worked with?

    7. Is every defect that you've noted been properly corrected? 

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    1. jayesh Said,

      I am sure this checklist will come handy for many people.

      Posted on 6:33:00 PM

    2. zakir Said,

      This is one neat list. Wish it was around when I bought my bike.

      Posted on 6:39:00 PM

    3. Anonymous Said,

      Thanks a ton for all the tips..Today, i was supposed to get the delivery of Thunderbird 500cc and i took the printout of the PDI information along and i found these instructions very useful. Because of these instructions i rejected 2 defective bikes which lamba motors Delhi tried to sell me. I don't know why did it like this even when I'm paying the full amount of the bike...not a good experience at all...

      Posted on 5:40:00 PM


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