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    All you Royal Enfield owners have a reason to rejoice as RE has announced their NH-17 2012 edition Mumbai to Goa tour and the registrations are open now. NH-17 is an exciting highway and the winding ghats are a pleasure to ride the Enfield on. It’s going to be an exciting event for you if you are an RE enthusiast. You are also allowed to carry your friend, family or anyone as a pillion rider. This event is organized officially by Royal Enfield and is open only for the serious rider.

    Here is some more information on the event, as provided by RE:

    Eligibility Criteria

    Tour of NH 17 is open only for Royal Enfield motorcycle owners. They are permitted to carry their trusted pillion riders to share this experience.

    Riders should have a valid driving license for “Motorcycle with gear”, permitted to ride in India. Foreign Nationals should have an International Driving Permit valid for riding a “Motorcycle with Gear” in India.

    Motorcycle registration, insurance and PUC certificates for the motorcycle should be valid for the duration of the Tour

    Medical Insurance is mandatory for Rider as well as Pillion.

    Riding gear consisting of a full face helmet, ankle length boots, full sleeves riding jacket preferably with protectors, gloves and knee guards is mandatory. Same goes for the Pillion Rider too.

    Participants should be able to pass an preliminary fitness test conducted at the time of scrutiny. This is to ascertain overall fitness level of Rider and Pillion for undertaking this adventure tour.  This is purely to confirm that no discomfort is caused to the participants during the ride owing to poor fitness levels.

    Participation in the Tour of NH 17 2010 will be subject to physical fitness test, riding gear & motorcycle scrutiny that will be held in Navi Mumbai on the first day.

    Certain Rules and Regulations for the NH-17 RE Tour:

    Rules and Regulations

    We try to keep rules and regulations to the minimum unless when necessary for the harmony and safety of the individual or group.

    However we expect the few that we have, should be followed very strictly, failing which we may exclude that particular participant from the rest of the trip.

    Intoxication:  RE does not tolerate any form of intoxication when on the bike. Disregard for this will result in immediate expulsion

    Conduct: participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that preserves their dignity and others around them, including other participants, support staff and locals of the region

    Environmental responsibility: we must try and ensure that we maintain the sanctity of the region we are passing through and will not tolerate any form of littering or other damaging actions

    Medical advice: if you are under medical treatment we expect you to follow the medical advice very strictly. Disregard for this will result in immediate expulsion

    Riding rules:

    Rider and Pillion must always wear a full face helmet while riding. Flip open full face helmets with a locking mechanism to stop the helmet jaw from closing are permitted

    Riding gear consisting of ankle length boots, full sleeves riding jacket preferably with protectors, gloves and knee guards are mandatory at all times while riding. Rainwear / Waterproof gear is also a must as we shall be riding through the rains also.

    Please carry additional water proof gear in case riding jacket cannot withstand rains

    Rider should have a valid driving license for riding motorcycle with gear in India. Riders must always carry their driving license

    The motorcycle should have valid registration, insurance and PUC certificate and the originals should always be carried on person while riding

    Riders must keep adequate distance from other riders and close overtaking is prohibited

    All riders must ride with at least one more fellow rider at all times. No participant should be alone in route.

    All riders are expected to ride ahead of the backup vehicle and should ensure that they do not prolong stops enroute to further delay the backup vehicle

    At the end of the day’s ride, every rider should first inspect their motorcycle and report any issues to the service staff. Rider must always be with their motorcycle while the service staff works on it. Unaccompanied bikes will not be attended to

    While passing through inhabited areas rider should slow down to give right of way to the local residents and pedestrians

    Hotel accommodation rules:

    Participants should not avoid walking bare footed, even inside the hotel accommodation. However while strolling on the beach without footwear stay clear of objects which may cause foot injuries.

    Identification card, Wallet and Torch should be carried on person at all times

    Punctuality: During the Tour of NH 17 we will start early every morning and all participants must adhere to the timings given by the organizers.

    Any conduct found compromising your individual or group safety will not be tolerated.

     If you are willing to enroll in this one of a kind RE event, log on to RE

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    1. vj Said,

      I want to have my brother go for this tour of NH17. Problem is that our royal enfield is registered in my name. Can my brother ride my royal enfield which is registered in my name?? IF so what is the procedure?


      Posted on 7:24:00 PM

    2. Shannon Said,

      @Vijay visit the link below to confirm whether your bro can ride motorcycle reg. under your name: http://www.royalenfield.com/community/events-pre-ride.aspx?eid=52

      Posted on 9:38:00 AM


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